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So when I am not playing with trees… frankly, I’m photographing them. So here’s some photos for you to enjoy. 🙂 These are a selection of trees from our 2010 regional convention that our club hosted. This first one is a Bougainvillea that Daniel gave to Eric and I as an engagement present. It was a raw stump when he gave it to us…

This last one took home the prize for best of show…

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  1. Such an art to portray the trees in such good form, beautiful photography. I am very taken with Will’s spruce. It just grabs me, so raw and powerful. I wonder what you think of the tree that won the show? Maybe better in person, but it does not sing to me… But I suppose it’s like the other shows, where the tidy tree wins the day. What a great club you guys must have up there. Are there many deciduous trees in your stable?

    • Judy –
      I totally agree Vic is a marvelous photographer and I am delighted each time I see a photograph she took. A skill I lack completely.

      The exhibit was judged by Kathy Shaner, Micahel Hagedorn, and David DeGroot. While the artists loved many trees at the exhibit they judge on a pretty standard set of criteria. The interesting thing I noticed while they were judging (I accompanied them in the closed exhibit while they were judging) was that they each have very different tastes about what it is that excites them personally. So yes in the end the tree that won was the tree that had been designed to win a show, each of its features was created for that single purpose (I presume as I never asked the owner). Not exactly sure how I feel about that, but I can live with it. 🙂

      Will’s spruce is quite the treasure and I always appreciate the natural elegance of his designs. There is something about many of them that seems to be “more than visible” which is a huge part of bonsai for me at least.

      There are many deciduous trees in the stable however most of them are not entirely ready for a show. You will see more of them in coming posts as they happen to hold one of the biggest places in my heart.

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