Gnarly Branches Ancient Trees – by Will Hiltz

It occurred to me, after I sent diane Robinson a link to the blog, that I had not yet mentioned the book I contributed to. First off… diane is not a typo. I like to make sure people understand that… she is ‘little d’. In fact, someday when I grow up, I hope to be just like her. If you ever come by the garden, you’ll get to meet her too… and a lovelier lady you could not hope to meet.

Mostly I haven’t said lot about the book, because I’ve been worried it might come off as self-promoting, and I’m not a big fan of that – which seems like an oxymoron when I have a blog, but it’s true. But in the end, I think about what the experience of working with Daniel has done for my own exploration of the art, and I have to hope that someone may catch some of that from the book for themselves.

Written by Will Hiltz, I contributed to the photography in the book along with a forward. Eric designed the cover – with a little touch from diane, and provided more support than he’ll ever get credit for. Daniel – well he talked a lot… which he loves to do. For someone interested in a deeply personal journey through the formative years in American bonsai, it’s a very interesting read. For those who want to see some beautiful trees, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I have mentioned before that Daniel has the habit of giving me a bad time when he thinks he has a reason, mostly because it amuses him. He’ll question a choice I might make, but he never stops me from being true to what calls to me stylistically, even when it’s on his own trees, which is more faith and trust than one has a right to hope for. I have always been deeply grateful for that faith and trust. When I read/hear about students speaking of their teachers/masters in hushed tones of reverence… I get it… I really do, but likely not for the same reasons. Daniel has my love and devotion because he granted me the respect of an equal from the first day we met. He’s never called me a student, just a fellow sojourner in the art. Getting to help capture his work in the context of this book is honestly one of the proudest accomplishments of my life thus far.

The book can be picked up in a few different places, but if you want an autographed one – for the same price, you can only get those from Elandan.


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    • lol… your bit is WAY better than mine… I am honored by your words and so glad it gave you what I always hoped it would.

      Many thanks!


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