Issho-en: What does it mean?

Simply put, it means Together Garden. Honestly, we might not even be using it in the most accurate sense of the translation, but with some poetic license, we claim it all the same.

The kanji itself plays into the very poetic sense of what bonsai means for us. The characters individually mean ‘one’ and ‘beginning’.

For Eric and I, bonsai is a very shared experience and largely we had the same humble beginnings together. We have, since then, used bonsai as a way to connect with other people. Our passion to share the art is unflagging after all of these years.

What we hope for, is that the idea of Issho-en, will become one which allows people to feel a strong community connection to the art, and the everpresent bubbling of enthusiasm and joy this shared experience can bring. So as I like to say….. do bonsai together.

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