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It’s funny trying to think of what to put in the ‘About’ section… because everything about us is really in the main body of the blog. If you want to know us, you have to know about our trees, and our passion for the art that is bonsai. Demographics and historical statistics are kind of meaningless really, because we’ve built our lives around our trees. It’s kind of a rare thing for two people to be equals in the art in one household. Sure there are lots of couples where one person does it, because the other is so impassioned by it, but it is a rare thing indeed to have two people share it so completely… and yet at times so differently.

Eric is the maverick… he’s a true student of Daniel Robinson, gnarly, ancient, deadwood are all words that will pop in your mind as you look through his posts – he is a purist in that way. Now me, I’m a gnarly, ancient, deadwood kind of girl… but with a traditionalist bent which often gets me an amused, but barely tolerant, look out of both Eric and Daniel at times. So my crowns will be a little fuller, my lines just a little softer… all of which is a great thing really. Eric and I can look at the same tree and see entirely different futures… from style, to pots, to how we’d set it up for display. We can often work together on the same tree seamlessly, but if we have deeply distinct visions, one will usually defer to the other based on who loves the species more. So if it’s a Satsuki, my wishes rule (with the exception of one which I hope to talk him out of some day… it so needs to be a shohin), and if it’s an Alaska Yellow Cedar… well, he can have those…. as they are not my favorite species. Carve one sometime… you’ll see… smells like cat pee. Though, truth be told, it is a stunning species when magnificent specimens are collected.

At any rate, we welcome you to experience this shared passion with us, and hope that it imparts something useful, or at least at times amusing. In the end it’s all about elevating the art for us all.

Eric & Victrinia Ridgeway
Bremerton, WA


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